What is Credibly?

Write and receive credible endorsements from co-workers, professionals, close friends, family, and others in your network. Facebook is for sharing, LinkedIn is for networking, Twitter is for talking, and Credibly is a place for public endorsing and complimenting. It's like a stationary hub for all the nice things people say about you but for the world to see.

Personal Credibly's

Write and receive nice reviews from your friends, family, and others in your social circles.

Your Personal Credibly Profile will establish your personal credibility as it reflects your core values and character traits that make up who you are.

Professional Credibly's

Write and receive credible endorsements from co-workers and professionals that have worked with you.

Your Professional Credibly Profile will establish your credibility as a professional or influencer in your industry.

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Establish Your Credibility

Define Who You Are to the World

Kind words come in letters, complements come in verbal praise, but Credibly’s come as public comments the world can read. So you feel uncomfortable bragging about yourself? That’s fine, but that doesn't mean you don’t have things worth bragging about. Let other people do it for you. We humans enjoy complimenting great people.

Own Your Online Presence and Personal Brand

If you search your name in Google today, what would you find?

Whether it’s your future employer, mother, potential lover, or friend your name will be searched online. Make every impression a powerful impression with a profile supported by positive comments and endorsements from those who love you, respect you, and enjoy working with you. As you build your Credibly profile, your name’s search results will populate with the positive comments and endorsements posted on your Credibly profile. Let the world see the your bright side, your real side.

Bring Out the Best In Others As They
Bring Out the Best In You.

What you choose to focus on in others is what you bring out in them. Make the world a better place by voicing genuine words about the great people in your life that make it a wonderful place to live. Give people Credibly’s and they will do the same for you!

"I can live for two months on a good compliment."

Mark Twain

Credibly Features

Write and Receive Credibly's

Credibly's can come from anyone both within and outside the Credibly network. Request someone to write a Credibly for you, or write one yourself and have the quoted author approve it.

User Approved Credibly's

Maintain complete control over what posts to your wall by approving each Credibly before it's posted. Control which Credibly's can be viewed by the public, or only viewable by your friends.

Credibly Badges

Establish a high standard of credibility with Credibly badges. Start out Fresh, become Likable, get Credible, achieve Influencer, or apply for Celebrity Status.

Credibly Verified Users

Become Credibly verified when you link your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to ensure authenticity. We take credibility seriously.

What Users are Saying About Credibly

"I am personally really excited to have my own [Credibly] profile. With Credibly you're able to put your best foot forward that creates a great first impression of who you are."

- Josiah Colt , Credibly Founder

"It's really great to have a place that I can link to where people can get a feel for what I am like through the eyes of others. I also like to see what people have to say about me!"

- Emily Brown, RN

"It seems there are a lot of ways the internet can work against your perceived image online. Credibly is a social profile that works for you, thus giving a more accurate representation of who you are."

- Annalee Pawlowski, Credibly Co-Founder

"As a blogger, it's really important that people trust who I am and what I say so that I can be seen as an authority in the topics I write about. This is a great social profile to include in my online repertoire where my followers can validate my reputation."

- Missy Smith, Site Owner of HowDoesShe.com

"At first I was a little hesitant about whether or not people would be willing to give me recommendations or compliments. I have been blown away by how awesome everyone has been. I love credibly."

- Tyler Andersen, Co-Founder

"I like how Credibly gives me the chance to understand myself through the eyes of others. The comments help me understand what makes me unique and where I add value in both my personal relationships and work settings."

- Daniel Pawlowski, CMO, Seven Peaks Waterpark

"Any time anyone says anything nice about me, whether it's Lady Gaga or your neighbor, it's a nice feeling, I'm very grateful for it. It's very helpful for your career. Every time someone says something complimentary it introduces you to their audience. It gives you credibility."

Gary Newman